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Robert Behra

Marriott Library, University of Utah

(49 items)

Alexander's Book Binding Co., Champaign, Illinois (51mm x 19mm, ca.1964) Angus & Robertson, Sydney, Australia (39mm x 15mm, ca.1952) Baker, Voorhis & Co., Law Booksellers, New York (26mm x 31mm, ca.1925?) Libreria Internacional de Manuel Barrueco, Havana, Cuba (41mm x 26mm, early 20th c.?) Brentano's, Booksellers, Importers & Stationers, Publishers & Newsdealers, Washington, DC (16mm diameter, after 1893) W.B. Clarke & Carruth, Booksellers, Boston (26mm x 11mm, after 1883) W.B. Clarke & Carruth, Booksellers and Stationers, Boston, Massachusetts (28mm x 16mm as is, ca.1880?) Clarke & Son, Printers, Booksellers & Stationers Cragg, Binder, Concord, N.H. (32mm x 2mm) Libreria Cultural Panameña, Perejil [Panama City], Panama (38mm dia., ca.1953) James Dwyer, Salt Lake City, Utah (31mm x 20mm, ca.1880s) Paul Elder Books, San Francisco (25mm x 16mm, ca.1964) Feldheim's, New York (38mm x 12mm, ca.1951) W. & G. Foyle, Book Sellers, London, England (36mm x 41mm, after 1909) Galloway & Porter, Cambridge, England (42mm x 13mm) George's, Bristol, England (26mm x 7mm) William George's Sons, Bristol, England (33mm x 7mm, after 1919) The George Gregory Book Store, Bath, England (35mm x 8mm) The Norman W. Henley Publishing Co., New York (59mm x 9mm, ca.1905) George W. Jones, Annapolis, Maryland (52mm x 29mm, ca.1909) K. Kilber Nachf., Buchbinderei (30mm x 8mm, ca.1922) Lewinsky & Blümel, Buchhandlung & Antiquariat, Zürich, Switzerland (31mm x 14mm, ca.1904) Margetts Bros, Stationers, Salt Lake City, Utah  (25mm x 25mm, ca.1889) Libreria già Nardecchia, Rome, Italy (44mm x 14mm) Osgood & Co., General Agents, Chicago, Illinois (56mm x 17mm, ca.1874) Jos. Hyrum Parry & Co., Printers, Booksellers and Stationers, Salt Lake City, Utah (33mm x 22mm, ca.1884) Librairie F. Payot & Cie., Lausanne, Switzerland (24mm x 17mm, ca.1900) Jos D. Pinan, San Francisco, California (39mm x 50mm, ca.1940) Librairie H. Robert, Genève, Switzerland (21mm x 10mm, after 1907) Librairie H. Robert, Genève, Switzerland (21mm x 9mm, after 1909) Librairie H. Robert, Genève, Switzerland (21mm x 9mm, after 1909) Emil Rohmkopf, Auslandbuchhandlung, Leipzig, Germany (21mm x 13mm, ca.1922) Ludwig Röhrscheid, Buchhandlung - Antiquariat, Bonn, Germany (27mm x 15mm) D. Schiller's Popular Price Book Store, Washington, DC (24mm x 16mm) Karl Schüler (A.Ackermann's Nachf.), München, Germany (27mm x 14mm, ca.1897?) The Sherwood Press, Cleveland, Ohio (67mm x 31mm, ca.1939) Sloves Mechanical Binding Co., New York (72mm x 89mm, ca.1952) Henry Sotheran & Co., London, England (29mm x 8mm, ca.1898) Gustav E. Stechert, New York (17mm x 10mm, after 1876) G.E. Stechert & Co., New York  (blue/white, 21mm x 13mm) G.E. Stechert & Co., New York (25mm x 15mm) Thacker & Co., Bombay, India (61mm x 4mm, ca.1895?) The Theosophical Press, Wheaton, Illinois (34mm x 11mm, ca.1951) The Times Book Club, London, England (24mm x 5mm) The Times Book Club, London, England (24mm x 1mm, ca.1900) Librairie Tulkens, Bruxelles, Belgium (41mm x 15mm) Utah Book & Stationery Co., Salt Lake City, Utah (29mm x 16mm) Antonio Vallardi, Editore, Genova - Milano- Roma - Napoli (80mm x 21mm, ca.1907) Henry Walker, Bookseller, Leeds, England (24mm x 12mm, ca.1925)

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