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Libreria già Nardecchia, Rome, Italy (44mm x 14mm). Courtesy of Robert Behra.

Libreria giá Nardecchia
Rome, Italy
44mm x 14mm

Libreria Nascimento, Santiago, Chile (21mm x 27mm, ca.1907).

Librería Nascimento
Santiago, Chile
21mm x 27mm, ca.1907
A quick History of Librería Nascimento (in Spanish)

National Library Bindery Co., [several locations] (19mm x 20mm, after 1928). Courtesy of Robert Behra. National Library Bindery Co.,  Atlanta, Georgia (20mm x 15mm). Courtesy of S. Loreck.

National Library Bindery Co.
West Springfield, MA; East Cleveland, OH; Indianapolis, IN; Atlanta, GA
i: 19mm x 20mm, after 1928    ii: 20mm x 15mm

Nazarene Book Store, Pasadena, California (38mm x 19mm). Courtesy of Donald Francis.

Nazarene Book Store
Pasadena, California
38mm x 19mm

Nederlandse Boekhandel, Utrecht, Netherlands (22mm x 12mm). Courtesy of S. Loreck.

Nederlandse Boekhandel
Utrecht, Netherlands
22mm x 12mm

Nedwick's Book Store, Chicago, Illinois (38mm x 16mm, ca.1946).

Nedwick's Book Store
Chicago, Illinois
38mm x 16mm, ca.1946

Neeley's, Books - Games - Stationery, Montgomery, Alabama (28mm x 16mm). Courtesy of Donald Francis.

Books - Games - Stationery
Montgomery, Alabama
28mm x 16mm

Nelson & Nelson Books, New York, NY (31mm x 13mm). Courtesy of Donald Francis.

Nelson & Nelson Books
New York, NY
31mm x 13mm

D.G. Nelson, Astrology & Occult Books, Chicago, Illinois (44mm x 15mm). Courtesy of Robert Behra. D.G. Nelson, Astrology & Occult Books, Chicago, Illinois (46mm x 16mm). Courtesy of Robert Behra.

D.G. Nelson
Astrology & Occult Books
Chicago, Illinois
i: 44mm x 15mm    ii: 46mm x 16mm

R. Nemetz, Bücher, Papier und Schreibwaren, Knittelfeld, Austria (30mm x 19mm, after 1938).

R. Nemetz
Bücher, Papier und Schreibwaren
Knittelfeld, Austria
30mm x 19mm, after 1938

Julius Neumann, Hofbuchhandlung, Kunst-& Musikalien-handlung, Magdeburg, Germany (28mm x 16mm, ca.1901). Courtesy of Robert Behra.

Julius Neumann
Hofbuchhandlung, Kunst-& Musikalien-handlung
Magdeburg, Germany
28mm x 16mm, ca.1901

New Method Book Binder - Bound to Stay Bound - Jacksonville, Illinois (26mm x 17mm).

New Method Book Binder
Jacksonville, Illinois
26mm x 17mm

New Mexico Book Co., Albuquerque, New Mexico (26mm x 28mm).

New Mexico Book Co.
Albuquerque, New Mexico
26mm x 28mm

The New Order Book Co., Ahmedabad, India (18mm x 12mm, ca.1948).

The New Order Book Co.
Ahmedabad, India
18mm x 12mm, ca.1948

New Rochelle Book Store, New Rochelle, New York (22mm x 27mm). Courtesy of Donald Francis.

New Rochelle Book Store
New Rochelle, New York
22mm x 27mm

New Zealand Bible Tract & Book Society, Dunedin, New Zealand (15mm x 10mm). Courtesy of Siobhan McCormack.

New Zealand Bible Tract & Book Society
Dunedin, New Zealand
15mm x 10mm

Newbegins, San Francisco, California (16mm x 24mm, ca.1930). Newbegin's, San Francisco, California (24mm x 16mm). Courtesy of Donald Francis. Newbegin's, San Francisco, California (18mm x 32mm). Courtesy of Donald Francis.
John J. Newbegin, Bookseller, San Francisco, California (30mm x 14mm). Courtesy of Donald Francis.

San Francisco, California
i: 16mm x 24mm, ca.1930    ii: 24mm x 16mm    iii: 18mm x 32mm
iv: 30mm x 14mm

The Newbook Library, Columbus, Ohio (28mm x 28mm). Courtesy of Donald Francis.

The Newbook Library
Columbus, Ohio
28mm x 28mm

Newburgh Journal, Printing House and Book-Binder, Newburgh, New York (30mm x 20mm). Courtesy of Donald Francis.

Newburgh Journal
Printing House and Book-Binder
Newburgh, New York
30mm x 20mm

W. Newman & Co., Calcutta, India (24mm x 13mm). Courtesy of Steve Trussel.

W. Newman & Co.
Calcutta, India
24mm x 13mm

Nichols, Binder, Savannah, Georgia (26mm x 26mm). Courtesy of Donald Francis.

Savannah, Georgia
26mm x 26mm

Nicholson's Bookstore, Richmond, Indiana (33mm x 19mm). Courtesy of Donald Francis.

Nicholson's Bookstore
Richmond, Indiana
33mm x 19mm

Nicolaische Buchhandlung, Borstell & Reimarus, Berlin & Potsdam, Germany (31mm x 16mm, ca.1930s).

Nicolaische Buchhandlung
Borstell & Reimarus
est. 1713
Berlin & Potsdam, Germany
31mm x 16mm, ca.1930s

Nicolas, Encuadernaciones [binder], Avila, Spain (20mm x 14mm, ca.1933).

Encuadernaciones [bindery]
Avila, Spain
20mm x 14mm, ca.1933

N.P. Nielsen, Bogbinderi & Protokolfabrik, Holbæk, Denmark (26mm x 12mm).

N.P. Nielsen
Bogbinderi & Protokolfabrik
Holbæk, Denmark
26mm x 12mm

Max Niemeyer Verlag, Tubingen, Germany (56mm x 49mm, ca.1957).

Max Niemeyer Verlag
Tübingen, Germany
56mm x 49mm, ca.1957

De Nieuwe Muziekhandel, Amsterdam, Netherlands (inkstamp, 38mm dia.). Courtesy of Robert Behra. De Nieuwe Muziekhandel, Amsterdam, Netherlands (inkstamp, 38mm dia.). Courtesy of Robert Behra.

De Nieuwe Muziekhandel
Amsterdam, Netherlands
inkstamps, 38mm dia.

Heinrich Nissen, Buchhandlung, Tonder, Denmark (26mm x 11mm, ca.1938).

Heinrich Nissen
Tønder, Denmark
26mm x 11mm, ca.1938

Nonibooks, California? (inkstamp, 20mm dia.). Courtesy of Donald Francis.

inkstamp, 20mm dia.

P. Noordhoff, binnen- en buitenlandsche Boekhandel, Groningen, Netherlands (41mm x 21mm). Courtesy of S. Loreck.

P. Noordhoff
binnen- en buitenlandsche Boekhandel
Groningen, Netherlands
41mm x 21mm

Nord Stationery Co., Raton, New Mexico (inkstamp, 55mm x 15mm). Courtesy of Donald Francis.

Nord Stationery Co.
Raton, New Mexico
inkstamp, 55mm x 15mm

Carl Nordins Bokhandel, Falun, Sweden (19mm x 16mm, ca.1890).

Carl Nordins Bokhandel
Falun, Sweden
19mm x 16mm, ca.1890s

Nordiska Bokhandeln, Stockholm, Sweden (22mm x 9mm, ca.1921).

Nordiska Bokhandeln
Stockholm, Sweden
22m x 9mm, ca.1921

Buchhandlung Nordmann, Hamburg, Germany (27mm x 15mm, ca.1940). Courtesy of Michael Kunze.

Buchhandlung Nordmann
Hamburg, Germany
27mm x 15mm, ca.1940

P.A.Norstedt & Soners, Bokbinderi, Stockholm, Sweden (20mm x 8mm).

P.A.Norstedt & Söners
Stockholm, Sweden
20mm x 8mm

W. North, Printer, Bookseller, &c., Tewkesbury, England (23mm x 16mm, 1908). Courtesy of Nicholas Forster.

W. North
Printer, Bookseller, &c.
Tewkesbury, England
23mm x 16mm, 1908

North Long Beach Book Nook, Long Beach, California (inkstamp, 51mm x 13mm). Courtesy of Donald Francis.

North Long Beach Book Nook
Long Beach, California
inkstamp, 51mm x 13mm

The Northwestern Press, Minneapolis, Minnesota (92mm x 30mm, ca.1950s). Courtesy of Robert Behra.

The Northwestern Press
Minneapolis, Minnesota
92mm x 30mm, ca.1950s

W.W. Norton & Company, New York, NY (64mm x 24mm). Courtesy of Donald Francis.

W.W. Norton & Company
New York, NY
64mm x 24mm

Emile Nourry, Livres d'Occasion, Paris, France (28mm x 19mm). Courtesy of S. Loreck.

Emile Nourry
Livres d'Occasion
Paris, France
28mm x 19mm
Some background in a NYRB letter-to-the-editor

Novello & Co. [music publishers], London, England (inkstamp, 25mm dia., ca.1940). Courtesy of Robert Behra.

Novello & Co.
[music publishers]
London, England
inkstamp, 25mm dia., ca.1940

Novelty Nook, South Gate, California (inkstamp, 62mm x 35mm). Courtesy of Donald Francis.

Novelty Nook
South Gate, California
inkstamp, 62mm x 35mm

Nueva Libreria, San Francisco, California (inkstamp, 44mm x 18mm, ca.1945). Courtesy of Robert Behra.

Nueva Libreria
San Francisco, California
44mm x 18mm, ca.1945

J.A.C. Nuiver, Boekbinder, Groningen, Netherlands (20mm x 8mm, late 19th c.). J.A.C. Nuiver, Boekbinder, Groningen, Netherlands (20mm x 10mm, after 1908). Courtesy of Robert Behra.

J.A.C. Nuiver
Groningen, Netherlands
i: 20mm x 8mm, late 19th c.    ii: 20mm x 10mm, after 1908

Nyland's Book Store, s.l. (inkstamp, 49mm x 13mm).

Nyland's Book Store
inkstamp, 49mm x 13mm

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