Robert Behra

[at the Marriott Library, University of Utah]

New Labels in December 2006

Walter H. Baker & Co., Theatrical Publishers, Boston, Massachusetts (56mm x 25mm) Libreria Barna, Buenos Aires, Argentina (25mm x 33mm) Beacon Book Shop, New York, NY (21mm x 11mm) Adrienne Beck [Self-published], Vienna, Austria (72mm x 11mm, ca.1931?) The Book Exchange, Salt Lake City, Utah (78mm x 30mm) Burn & Co. (19mm x 19mm, as is, ca.1869)
Cawthorn & Hutt, London, England (70mm x 90mm, ca.1858)
W.B. Clarke Co., Boston Massachusetts (27mm x 12mm, ca. 1903) J. Combridge & Co., Bombay, India (57mm x 3mm) The Drama Book Shop, New York, NY (19mm x 25mm, after 1933) C.M. Ebell, Buch- & Kunsthandlung, Zürich, Switzerland (25mm x 10mm) Fireside Book Shop, Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania (26mm x 23mm, after 1929) Foyles, Charing Cross Rd, London (20mm x 22mm, ca.1961) Foyles, London, England (23mm x 27mm, ca.1946?) Fraser Book Bin, Vancouver, BC (36mm x 16mm) German Book Importing Co., New York , NY
(28mm x 15mm, ca.1938)
Harper & Brothers, New York, NY (83mm x 96mm, ca.1927)
J.R. Herzog, Buchbinderei, Leipzig, Germany (18mm x 6mm, ca.1870s) Margetts Bros, Stationers, Salt Lake City, Utah  (29mm x 19mm, ca.1880s) Lola Mayer, Bookseller, London, England (37mm x 9mm) Mitsukoshi Book Department, Tokyo, Japan (18mm x 11mm, ca.1930s?) Edward [?] D. Mülla & Co. [?], Bombay, India (as is, 63mm x 7mm) Julius Neumann, Hofbuchhandlung, Kunst-& Musikalien-handlung, Magdeburg, Germany (28mm x 16mm, early 20th c.) Old Corner Book Store, Boston, Massachusetts (20mm x 14mm, after 1908) Oxford Book & Stationery Co., Simla, India 
(26mm dia.) Bern Porter Books, Berkeley, California (69mm x 27mm) Samuel French [drama publishers], New York, NY (81mm x 14mm, ca.1920) Schoenhof's Foreign Books, Cambridge, Massachusetts (51mm x 19mm, after 1944) Sevenoaks Book & Art Co., Sevenoaks [London], England (37mm x 11mm) Smith Bros [binders], London, England (19mm x 20mm, ca.1890s) W.H. Smith & Son, London (27mm x 10mm) Spear Drug Company, Detroit, Michigan (inkstamp, 62mm x 20mm, ca.1930s?) The Spoken Word, New York, NY (inkstamp, 48mm x 16mm) R.B. Stedman, Bookseller & Stationer, Godalming, England (24mm x 7mm) E. Steiger & Co, New York, NY (27mm x 12mm) S. Takahashi, Book Seller & Stationer,  Tokyo, Japan (26mm x 19mm, including tear-off) Takao, Bookseller, Osaka, Japan (28mm x 13mm) Theatre Book Shop, Salt Lake City, Utah (34mm x 14mm) H. Tuchner, Buchhandlung, Vienna, Austria (33mm x 20mm, ca.1910s) Tutin's Book Shop, Books on Mysticism, Cambridge, Massachusetts (29mm x 17mm, after 1949) Weltman's Book Store, New York, NY (inkstamp, 30mm x 16mm) Werner's Plays & Entertainments, New York, NY (36mm dia.) A.H. Wheeler & Co., India (47mm x 22mm) A.H. Wheeler & Co., India (52mm dia.)

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