The following labels have resisted attempts at gaining fuller information about them. The locations of some of these firms are in doubt, sometimes even the country of origin, or perhaps acronyms need to be filled out (ACBE, FJB, KFKBS, MDC). Have a look -- see if one or two ring a bell.

ACBS, Santa Barbara, California (23mm x 25mm). Courtesy of Robert Behra. American Book Store, s.l. (63mm x 32mm, ca.1975). Courtesy of Donald Francis. Bookcraft [binder?] (35mm x 15mm, ca.1930s). Courtesy of R. Behra. The Brown Shop (32mm x 20mm, with tear-off). Courtesy of Donald Francis. Concordia Books & Stationery, Printing & Binding (30mm x 17mm). Courtesy of Donald Francis. F.J.B. & Co., Binders (25mm x 17mm, ca.1914). Courtesy of Robert Behra. Jean French, Books (47mm x 27mm). Courtesy of Donald Francis. Gygax, [Zurich?] (32mm x 17mm, ca.1937). Courtesy of R. Behra. International Brotherhood of Bookbinders (21mm x 15mm, ca.1955). Courtesy of R. Behra. International Brotherhood of Bookbinders (21mm x 16mm, ca.1957). Courtesy of R. Behra. K.F.K.--B.S. (16mm x 6mm). Courtesy of R. Behra. K. Kilber Nachf., Buchbinderei (30mm x 8mm, ca.1922). Courtesy of R. Behra. M. Marsi, Legatoria di Libri, Italy (38mm x 20mm, before 1954) MDC Books (26mm x 25mm). Michael di Capua Books? (Imprint of Scholastic). Courtesy of Donald Francis. Georg Metzger, Buchbindermeisster (20mm x 13mm, after 1941). Robert Behra. Nonibooks, California? (inkstamp, 20mm dia.). Courtesy of Donald Francis. Nyland's Book Store, s.l. (inkstamp, 49mm x 13mm). Olds & King's Book Shop, s.l. (30mm x 40mm). Courtesy of Lewis Jaffe. PLS [Library Bindery] (26mm x 11mm). Courtesy of Donald Francis. M.C. Sawyer, Millinery & Books (32mm x 16mm). Courtesy of Donald Francis. F. Waldau, Antiquariat (as is, 26mm x 12mm) Ward & Seith, Library Binders (26mm x 15mm, ca.1915) Watkins, Binder, (13mm x 7mm). Courtesy of Donald Francis. Witch's Boy Bookstall, [?] (29mm dia.). Courtesy of Robert Behra.

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